5 of your favorite celebs who have opted for eyelash extensions

September 08, 2017

5 of your favorite celebs who have opted for eyelash extensions

Do you ever wish you were blessed with those gorgeous, sultry eyelashes to bat flirtatiously? Do you wish you didn’t have to apply 10 coats of mascara to get that effect? Do you wish your ‘no makeup’ look wasn’t characterized by drooping eyes and downturned lashes?

Despite having the option of availing eyelash extensions to wake up with thicker, longer lashes, many of us remain perplexed over whether to go for it. Well, why not? Did you know? Some of the celebrities you religiously follow have opted for this amazing treatment to acquire sky high lashes to frame their gorgeous eyes. Yes, even celebrities aren’t blessed with luscious lashes so don’t lose hope! If they can do it, so can you.

Scroll below to find out which of your favorite celebrities sport eyelash extensions.


1. Kim Kardashian

Controversy’s child, the gorgeous Kim K has acquired eyelash extensions to match her stunning looks. The combination of dark eyes framed by glorious, dark eyelashes looks so good on her that we’re tempted to go and book our treatment right now.
Now you know the secret of Kim’s perfectly separated, long eyelashes!


2. Katy Perry

This doe-eyed beauty is already blessed with the prettiest eyes. To enhance their look, she opts for full volume, curled eyelash extensions. This not only attracts greater attention to her gorgeous eyes, it lends her a youthful appearance as well.
No wonder this talented artist looks perfectly put together all the time!


3. Beyonce

When you’ve got features as beautiful as Queen B, a little enhancement will go a long way to accentuate your appeal. Beyonce has opted for mink lashes, allowing her to wake up with thicker and longer lashes.
Mascara only serves to emphasize her voluminous eyelashes!

4. Kylie Jenner

Maybe it runs in the family? Kylie Jenner is also one of our favorites who has opted for eyelash extensions. In addition to those glamorous, pouty lips, Kylie now has the patent on sultry eyes as well, all thanks to her gorgeous lash extensions.
Look how the lashes accentuated by mascara draw attention to her eyes!


5. Jennifer Lopez

One of the first celebs to open up about the treatment, Jennifer Lopez pulls off her mink eyelashes like a pro.
If J-Lo does it, so should you!

Seeing these gorgeous celebs with their voluminous lashes, we’re already convinced. Are you?


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