Your 5 step guide to Cara Delevingne Brows!

August 16, 2017

Your 5 step guide to Cara Delevingne Brows!

Once upon a time, models had thin, petite eyebrows. And then Cara Delevingne happened!
Plastered all over fashion magazines, the fuller than thou brow is back, conquering one face at a time.

Luscious eyebrows, NO, wait a minute, Cara Delevingne eyebrows are the number one trend this season.

People are going gaga searching for the magic potion that gets you browse like her.
Consider your search over. We bring to you the 5 step guide to getting CARA DELEVINGNE worthy brows…and we all know just how much that means!



1. Brush them out

Eyebrow hair drooping downwards? No sweety! First and foremost, invest in an eyebrow brush or simply use an old mascara to comb up your eyebrow hair. This will give you a better idea of the shape to work with and also immediately enhance your look. If you notice closely, Cara has her eyebrow hair brushed upwards to make them stand out, literally and metaphorically.

2. Fill ‘em in

Now that you have your brow hair brushed out, you can clearly spot those scanty areas that you need to fill out. Use a brow shade that matches your original color and gently paint these sparse areas, blending all the while. A major reason Cara is making statements with her brows is due to how beautifully natural they look. Avoid going too dark as that would look decidedly fake. And we cannot stress enough, blending is key.

3. Nail that arch

Hey, we don’t mean that literally. To get that added oomph that Cara’s brows exude, keep your brow darkest at the arch. If genes have interrupted the full growth of your brow at the tips, use an eyebrow pencil to extend that. Make sure the shade you use is appropriate for you. Extending the brow will help in getting those long and dreamy brows that sit so perfectly on Cara’s gorgeous face.

4. Highlight the brow bone

This can do wonders! Make your brow stand out with a little highlighter accentuating your brow bone. Not only will this draw attention to your arch, it will get you celeb worthy brows as well.

5. Final Touch

You have to go all the way if you’re looking to get the maestro’s brows! Brush out your eyebrows one last time in a way to keep the brow thickest at the end. This will get you that ideal brow shape that you had been searching all your life.

When you have Cara Delevingne brows, what else do you need in life? Try this simple guide today and join the brow queen’s league!

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