Find The Best Eyebrow Shape For You
Find out your face type and the best eyebrow shape to enhance your look
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Step 1
Upload Your Picture
You can use your mobile device. Please ensure you are looking straight are the camera, and have your hair pulled up for best results. 
Step 2
Adjust The Bars
     1. Top bar should be placed at the hairline.
2. The second bar right under the nose.
3. The third bar, at the level of the chin. 
Step 3
Get the Recommendation
Based on your facial symmetry, your face shape and ideal eyebrow that fits it is recommended. You can read more about the method below. 

Face Shapes and Ideal Eyebrows

There is no one size fit for all – at Bonita Brow Bar we
customize your eyebrows with individual services and products to highlight your
eyes, improve facial symmetry, and bring about your natural beauty without any
makeup enhancement.

Different eyebrows fit different face sizes. Here is an

Round: The face is almost as wide as it is long. An angular/high
arched eyebrow shape is ideal as it emphasizes the facial bone structure that is less apparent in the round face. The eyebrow shape follows a straight line to the peak and then sharply falls/tapers off.

The worst shape would be a rounded brow shape: it will only emphasize the roundness of the face.

Oval: This shape is defined by prominent cheekbones, with graceful tapering of the jaw line to a narrow chin. You are lucky! Considered by many to be the ideal face shape, the eyebrows that adore this face type are the classic, soft angled balanced brow.

Nothing fancy needed.

Long: The face appears more vertically stretched out. In this case, the eyebrow needs to go more “east-west” to emphasize the width of your face. A flat eyebrow shape accomplishes this gracefully. Eyebrows can be extended beyond the edge of the eye.

Diamond: An angular face, since the prominent feature set of this type of face is the short forehead and wide temples, a curved (or slightly S shaped) eyebrow versus a round eyebrow shape will soften the wideset feature.

Heart: Defined by a chin that tapers to a point this in turn presents a more petite jaw line. That being said, a well-groomed (not thin!) highly arched eyebrow will add length to the face giving you the balance against the narrow pinpoint chin while simultaneously creating a dramatic look.

For a more natural look, a more rounded arched brow with its curve provides for
a softer feminine look works best. Try them both!

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