Exquisite Threading


Versus Waxing

  • Tugging, pulling and stretching the sensitive skin during waxing can peel off your skin! You can develop wrinkles quick this way! Something threading simply doesn’t do.
  • Much less messy! (none of those strips, wax trailing off on your clothes or floor...you get the idea).
  • No chemicals: 100% guaranteed. It is  just a thread removing hairs!
  • Overtime, hair is more finer and sparse with threading in comparison to waxing, where it can be more sturdy and uncouth.
  • Waxing sometimes cannot be performed on very sensitive skin. Enter threading. This goes double for people who tend to break out from waxing.
  • More affordable than waxing. Who doesn’t like to save money!
  • You need certain amount of hair length before it could be waxed. On the other hand, we can thread hair as soon as it grows back.
  • Last but not the least: Threading is simplemore precise than waxing, and in the hand of our experts, you can really shape your eyebrows the way you want. 

Versus Tweezing

  • Yes, tweezing is a convenient and the most popular method of self brow hair removal, but consider this - it is fairly easy to remove the wrong hairs! Result? Holes and divots ruining your shape!
  • In the same vein, if you remove the supporting hair of your brows (yes there is definitely such a thing), you can put your eyebrow shape completely out of whack.
  • Hair tends to come back faster using Tweezing when compared to threading. 
  • In our professional opinion, threading gives you a better, more natural look

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