How long does this service take?

Eyebrow Tinting will take 3 to 4 minutes.
Eyelash Tinting will take 10 minutes.

How does the tint get placed on the eyelashes/eyebrows?


The professional will use an angled brush and gently feather in the tint product onto your eyebrows as you are laying back with your eyes closed. They will go around the outline of your eyebrows with a dampened Q-tip to ensure there is no tint around your eyebrows on your skin. A timer will be set between 2 to 4 minutes (processing time). You will then have your eyebrows cleaned off with a soapy/damp cotton round/ball.


You will lay back and the professional will a protective eye pad underneath your eye on the bottom lashes with a petroleum jelly or other lubricant product. They will also apply a small amount of the same lubricant on your eyelid using a Q-tip near (not on) your eyelashes. This is to help prevent the tint from staining your skin and getting into your eyes. An angled brush and/or microfiber brush will be used to apply the tint to your eyelashes. The timer will be set for 10 minutes. The professional will then remove the tint from your lashes using dampened Q-tips removed the tint and will then lift off the eye pads. They will clean the lubricant off your skin and eyelids.

Can I wash my face after I get the tinting?

We recommend for you to NOT wash/cleanse your eyebrows/eyelashes for the first 24 hours. This can cause the tint to fade or come out completely. We also recommend to not rub your eye after getting an eyelash tinting service for 24 hours. This can cause eye irritation. Swimming, crying or sweating is recommended to be avoided in the first 24 hours.

What do I do if I have an allergic reaction? Or how will I know if I will before getting the service?

We have no way of knowing prior to the service if you will have an allergic. You can always ask to have a patch test performed 24/48 hours prior to see if you will have an adverse reaction. 

If you do have an allergic reaction. Seek medical attention immediately. Call and notify your salon of your reaction so they can document it. An allergic reaction will not be due to the professional/salon that you received the service from/at. Everyone reacts differently to various products when applied to the skin. If need be, call prior and ask for ingredients in the products if you know of certain ingredients you are allergic to.