Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow Gel

Keep your misbehaving brows in place with our discreet and easy-to-use brow gel! the lightweight formula creates thicker, fuller, natural-looking brows.
The clear brow gel shapes & tames brows and locks on makeup so brows don't pull a disappearing act. The custom-molded wand coats hairs from root to tip and the flexible, flake-free formula is easy to apply and quick to dry
  • 100% natural, no alcohol and unscented
  • Eyebrow gel comes in dark small bottle with an attached brush
  • Contains Pro Vitamin B5 to keep hair healthy.
Product Description

At Bonita Brow Bar, we believe in creating, customizing, and improving products by performing services that use the products and getting feedback from our customers daily. We are experts in everything eyebrow and eyelash related and know what works and what does not work from daily “on the frontlines” work. Years of experience at our nationwide salons continuing to serve thousands of customers daily is now distilled into products that not only work, but would transform your brows and lashes. This is not some cheap, foreign product.

What you can expect:
  • Transparent – cannot tell after applicatoin and dries quickly.
  • Strong, flexіblе hold– will last all day.
  • No flake forumula.
  • Starting at the inner corner of the eye, brush your eyebrows up and out with gentle strokes. You can use the eyebrow gel as a styling aid after unruly eyebrows are shaped by tweezing or waxing. The waterproof gel seals brows in place.
  • Apply after Bonita Brow Bar eyebrow powder or Brow Pencil to “fix it” in place.
  • Applicable to lashes as well – use lash curler to curl the eyelashes then apply the gel. After drying, your lashes will stay curled and beautiful all day.

    Do not wait for your eyebrows to become uncouth – tame them with the gel or make your eyelashes ooh lah lah. Get your gel today!

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