Bold Lashes

Strip Lashes Extensions

Strip lashes, also known as “falsies”, are very common. You can find them in most department and drug stores. They range from a variety of styles and colors. Instead of being small groups of lashes like Clusters or single individual lashes like Lash by Lash Extensions, they are an entire strip of lashes glued together.

Cluster Lashes Extensions

Cluster Eyelash Application is a semi-permanent service that enhances your natural eyelashes by adding length and fullness depending on look chosen.

  • Clusters are groups of 3-4 lashes made from synthetic material, bound together in a “V” shape.
  • Clusters come in 3 lengths: Short, Medium, Long.
  • Cluster Application process is usually 20 -45 mins (much shorter than individual lash application)
  • Cluster Eyelashes will last around 1 – 3 weeks depending on your after care.

Lash By Lash Extensions

Lash by Lash (Individual Eyelashes) is a Semi-Permanent service of single eyelashes applied to each individual natural lash to enhance length and thickness of your natural eyelashes.

  • Lash by Lash (Individual) are just that, individual eyelashes. Usually made from Mink, Silk, Sanitized Human hair or Synthetic material.
  • Different lengths are offered.
  •  Lash by Lash (Individual) application process can be from 1 to 3 hours depending on the number of lashes applied.
  •  Touch Ups will be needed between every 2 – 3 weeks depending on each person and their everyday activities.