6 MUST TRY eyelash hacks!

August 18, 2017

6 MUST TRY eyelash hacks!

Eyelashes can significantly enhance the appearance of your eyes.

Long and luscious lashes ooze charm, femininity, and elegance like nothing else.

From Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, thick lashes have been a consistent beauty trend.

If you have not been genetically blessed with a healthy bunch of lashes, and artificial lashes are not your forte, you can try these 6 brilliant hacks to get to-die-for lashes in no time!

Don’t believe us? Dare to try!

1. Warm your curler

We all know eyelash curlers can open up your eyes by a notch, but did you know how to use it to excavate maximum benefit? Heat the inner part of your curler with a blow drier prior to use for longer lasting and more effective results.


2. Powder your lashes

Translucent powder, baby powder-anything will do the trick.
Fluff your lashes with some powder and then apply your mascara for significantly thicker and darker lashes.
How we love to flaunt those mysterious, coal black lashes!

3. Say no to clumping

Clumps are the eyesore of sultry lashes! Ditch the hassle of clumping with this super simple tip.
Dip your closed mascara tube in some warm water before use to smoothen the liquid inside.
Now apply it on your lashes for a glossy, silky finish.

4. Wiggle it

Instead of applying straight layers of mascara, wiggle the wand for more a more thorough coat and leave your lashes looking thicker than ever.

5. Line the lashes

For greater effect, why not give your lashes a frame?
A simple way to do this is by applying a layer of eyeliner on your eyelash curler.
When you press your lashes between this colored curler, it will leave a thin, dark line covering your lash line. Try this for that extra oomph!

5. Comb up

Do not forget this step!
Invest in an eyelash comb and skim it through your lashes after your final coat of mascara to ensure each hair is separated, leaving jaw-droppingly smooth lashes.


Bat your luscious lashes all day, every day, with these simple hacks!

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